Get to know Ciwel Ireng, a Javanese traditional snack that is almost forgotten

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Get to know Ciwel Ireng, a Javanese traditional snack that is almost forgotten
Get to know Ciwel Ireng, a Javanese traditional snack that is almost forgotten - Original

DEPOSTPANGANDARAN- Getuk is definitely Javanese food if we hear it, but what about Ciwel? Do you guys know?

Ciwel is a food that is almost the same as getuk, Ciwel is made from cassava but there is something unique, there is Ciwel Ireng which tastes like reminiscing about the past with the past.

Ciwel ireng is a food like getuk made from mashed cassava and given coconut but this jiwel is black.

Ciwel is very good for ulcer sufferers because it is made from cassava flour soaked in rice straw soaking liquid so that it is alkaline.

Cenil, lupis and ciwel are market snack packages which are served together and given a thick liquid brown sugar.

Because of its black color, there are also people who call this food, as Ciwel Ireng. Ireng is a Javanese language, which in Indonesian means 'black'

The black color seen in this food is the addition of damen (dry rice stalks) and then burned.

Its black appearance with a sprinkling of coconut and sugar is getting more attractive and looks more beautiful and I want to try it, it tastes very good, chewy but not sticky like gethuk.

Ciwel Traditional Food - Original

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The burnt damen also gives Jiwel ireng its own taste so that the taste is more distinctive on the tongue.

Unfortunately Jiwel Ireng is now rarely found, even though some morning markets that provide market snacks such as gethuk, cethil and others are still selling them.

Well, you can make your own at home to reminisce about the old days

How to Make Ciwel Ireng


-Furnace or compote




-Grated coconut


-1 kg of cassava

- Dye from rice stalks to taste

Enough coconut

- sugar to taste

-Plastic to taste


-Peel the cassava, wash thoroughly. Grate then squeeze until dry, set aside.

-Color: roast dry rice stalks until black, cooled. Strain the ash of the rice stalks three times, then mix well. Steam for half an hour then mash until smooth.

-Give oil on the cassava that has been squeezed so it doesn't stick then add a little water so it's not hard.

-Mash cassava until smooth then put in plastic for the printing process. Cut according to the line in the plastic or according to taste.

Sweetener: grated coconut that has been prepared, then cook with enough water. Add sugar and cook again until cooked

-Serve the ciwel with the sweetener.

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