Cacalan Beach Sunrise Exotic and Romantic Banyuwangi Tourism

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Cacalan Beach Sunrise Exotic and Romantic Banyuwangi Tourism
Cacalan Beach Sunrise Exotic and Romantic Banyuwangi Tourism/ PINTEREST

BANYUWANGI,DEPOSTPANGANDARAN- Banyu Wangi is known as the Sunrise of Java, therefore you may have often heard of some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, including Pasir Ireng Beach, Pulau Merah Beach to G-Land which are always the target of tourists.

But you must know that there is one more beach that is no less beautiful, namely Cacalan in Sukowidi. The distance to Cacalan Beach is quite close, only 5 kilometers from Banyuwangi. This beach is also close to Ketapang Harbor, about one kilometer away.

Cacalan Beach has been busy with visitors since 2016. Tourists have started to switch from Boom Beach because the offshore area was closed to be built into a cruise ship port.

When heading to Cacalan Beach, Buddy Pesona will pass Lundin Industry, a company that produces military ships based on Swedish technology.

In the past, this area was overgrown with jajang or bamboo trees. When tourists began to glance, this beach was gradually cleaned by the surrounding community.

They clean the beach area with the help of hoes which the local community calls "dicacal".

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Maybe that's also what makes the beach called Cacalan beach.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Bali Strait from off Cacalan Beach. There, we can play on the beach while enjoying the calm waves.

And if you want to go to the middle of the sea, you can rent a boat. This boat can also take tourists across to Santen Island and Boom Beach.
At low tide, you can also enjoy the expanse of rocks overgrown with seaweed.

Cacalan Beach itself is divided into two areas. The first area is 1.2 hectares along the coastline.
Meanwhile, the other 2.2 hectares were built by the local government as a play area, restaurant and resting place.

The best time to watch the sunrise at Cacalan Beach is at 4.30 am because you will have a different experience.
You can hunt sunrise at Cacalan Beach. Its position facing East and North is perfect for watching the sunrise. NN

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